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Robbie, retraining CP gets his first (Two!) hour+ long flights

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Robbie was out to The Knock of Formal, near Alyth, on the 12th of Feb, having forgot the radio his first flight was short landing next the parking, with Rob bringing up his harness and the radio, Murray flyJog then Flying to top land his wing it was not long before Robbie was in the air again, this time managing a side slope/shoulder (mid land option) landing with again Murray flying the PG back to main launch. His third (and last) flight of the day started with some precision scratching (radio instruction on everyΒ  ‘trick’) in the lift ‘Waiting Room’ of the west face of the hill, ‘shooting’ the gap of trees/slope till gaining enough lift to start exploring the sky, when at times dropping lift getting back just below ridge top to scratch the ‘waiting room’ once again!

After filming (battery getting low on phone!) a full hour of flying Murray flew to the landing while Rob was still soaring (plenty spare height above the hill) to try and film the landing, just missing the chance to capture a ‘Fly By’ of a couple of fast jets on low level exercise a few 100ft south of the hill and well below our level πŸ™‚ but bummer the last of the battery ‘crashed’ with out saving the couple of mins of video shot from the L/Z πŸ™

Robbie’s (estimated)Β  total flight time from that single last flight was around 80ish mins πŸ™‚

A few days later, on the with forcast winds due to Blow Out (something that did NOT happen, despite the F214 forecast on our visit to Lunan Bay, Robbie doing a single dune top to beach flight) we went to the Sea Cliff ridge near Ellie Golf Course.


This time with the radio remembered, Robbie again with a mix of ‘Waiting Room’ scratching/recovery and GOOD lift seeing him at times flying ‘Feet Wet’ a couple of 100ft above the North Sea.


In total with a single flight Robbie flew 75mins before choosing to land for food & coffee πŸ™‚

Taking a chance (in view of forecast later winds) we explored east along the coast to visit some of our other sites, but as expected, cutting across Fife to kitesurf at St Andrews proved to be the only viable option πŸ™‚


A total of three part days, 5 flights, and just under three ours airtime for Robbie!

Film (both the full first hour of the flights) from the inland & the coastal re-training flights are now live on my main YouTube account ‘MurrayHay’

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