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‘C’ ‘B’ flying…. Sea Bay that is!

Filed under: Club East Coast Days — Murray Hay @ 11:48 am

After the weekend up the mountains (Glen Coe) and Hill’s (E Lomond) of Scotland, it was time for some lazy flying (as far as walking goes)…. so late afternoon after work up the coast to pick up Ali….. cups of tea, walk 20 ft to pickup….. arrive at Vic Park, ‘climb’ up the steps for Ali (50ft) and walk 20ft for Murray to fly up…… with VERY ‘x’ conditions due to the east component it was a fun half hours airtime for me and Ali honing his GH & Take Off skill in the almost (gnd) trim speed = wind speed…. then another 20ft walk back to the pickup….. Gosh that’s getting close to 100ft walking so far!


A quick drive around to East Seaton, phoning to farm manager to open the site, and then….. you guessed it, walk about 20-30ft to take off on the bay slope (!) For almost 2 1/2 hours of GREAT flying with all the usual T & G’s, mild aeros and spot landings…

Jim from Dundee was out walking and taking pics along the coastal path and is going to forward pictures of the two gliders in the air, with luck capturing the ‘close quarters’ stuff we were doing for the camera, fingers crossed we (and the shuter release) got everything lined up to make some spectacular images… to be added to this post  soon 🙂

A slightly early end to the days flying as the lift was dropping by 7:30 (along with the temp!) and to get around to Pepo’s in time for the chips etc… so a L O N G walk of at least 150ft…. Shocking! to the pickup drive around and 10ft to the counter to pick up the phoned in order and back down the road to yet another 20ft walk to more tea and nibbles….

Summing up the afternoon/evening: We were out for under 4 hours, with a total walking time about 5 mins and my flying time, well around three and a half hours, Ali doing slightly less time when we were flying at the park but solidly flying till pack up time at the Bay 🙂

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