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Rembering our friend Nairn

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Nairn Ferrier

A Husband, Father and Brother


Lost April 2009 along with 15 other

souls in the North Sea helicopter crash

Our friend, who will be sadly missed.


  1. I still can’t believe it. That day over in Fife, Nairn was so obviously and easily a natural pilot, that it seems fatuous and cruel that he should be lost outwith his own control in this ironic way. It really hurts.

    Nairn had a get out and do it philosophy that shows itself in well balanced, achieving folk. His sense of fun was matched by a well founded, implicit belief in his own capacities. In the air, he had a confidence and adventure in him that only comes from an inspired soul in its element. Flying brought Nairn joy, as it does all of us pleasure pilots in this lucky age. There is a more pragmatic side to aviation that all too suddenly can turn our worlds upside down. So mine is now.

    Nairns Family come so suddenly and so strongly to mind at this dreadfull time. I feel an acute sense of loss. How must they feel? I dread to think. My heart goes out to you.

    Comment by Ali — 06/04/2009 @ 10:48 pm

  2. I recall the time that we were out on Morrone in 2007 and I took photographs of Nairn on his brightly coloured wing against a white snowy mountain background.

    And Murray talked him down on the radio when he flew on the lee side of the hill and got into lift from the Valley floor.

    Like Ali I also feel for Nairn’s family and their sudden and tragic loss. He will be sadly missed by so many and leaves an big empty place in our small and now smaller band of brothers.

    The East Scotland sites and slopes seem devoid of vivid colour…..

    Comment by Dunc1261 — 07/04/2009 @ 01:12 pm

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